Khajuraho, an the kama Sutra Temples

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Another long and noisy night on the train, thin time no first class, but a normal class with fan. So cold, I couldn't sleep all night and we also arrived very early in the morning at the train station... But we met Laura, an Italian girl traveling by herself, Erika an american girl that ca speaks a good Italian a few more travelers... Nice company. I couldn't wait to find an accommodation to have a shower and sleep a little bit. After a bit of rest we had lunch with Indian food and a bit of walk around some temples... The best time is the sunset 'cause the color of the stone get a bright red. We walked throughout a small village... Helping us there's Anjul a local guy that we met with, he's explaining to us everything as a real guide. Tomorrow I feel like is goinmg to be a big day... Visiting the biggest temples of the Kama Sutra.

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