From Agra to Jaipur

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We arrived in Agra a bit late so we decided to visit the city the day after... Alarm at 4.30... Another early morning. Outside is still dark and pretty cold. The temperature drop alot in the night time. So we get with a rickshaw to the west gate of the Taj Mahal. There's already a small queue of tourist waiting at the counter...  We wait a while to get the tickets. For the Indian people there's no rush, but for us there is... i want to see the sunrise on the Taj. Finally we get the tickets and after the normal police check at the main entrance we get at the mai door... The first bulding that i saw was red color... I wasn't sure if was already the main attraction on the place, was already so big and beautifull... But following the crowd we get there inside the big garden. It'stunning. magic and the color change with the sun coming up. It's the Taj Mahal. Unbeliveble how nice it is. Every one were crazy to take photos specialy because the big fountain in front of us is reflecting the building. Now understand why is one of the seven wonders of the world. All covered in white marble. I could't stop to watch it. The ticket is pretty expencive, 750 Rupees for foreigns and just 20 Rupees for Indians. No shoes are alowed on the white marble so is possible to get some shoes-covers for free.
A suggestion is, get inside from the East Gate and out from the West so it's easier to got to the Agra Fort after the Taj Mahal.
There's not much else to visit. the city doesn't much, so the day after we decided to jump on the train and go to Jaipur.