Sunrise on the Ghats

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Wake up at 5 o'clock... Get the backpack with the camera ready... And walk down the narrow streets to reach the Ganga river... The cerimony is already on... People are taking bath... A bit of teeth brushing... a bit of laundry. It's already busy of people out there... We found a boat man and like all tourists do we went to see the sunrise from the river... It's an amazing view... 200 Rupees for two people... It's a bit crowded of boats, everyone is taking photos. But it's really nice to see! The atmophere is magic, like last night at the Ghats Aarti the ritual that the do every night at 6.30. You just have to take your seats on the stairs and be part of it!

6.05 pm we have the train to Khajuraho, the Kama Sutra Temple.