Donne in bici: Ride Like a Girl the Movie coming soon...

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Hi girls and boys,
How are you? Here in Italy the holiday season is almost done but the riding period doesn't have any time.

So I would like to introduce you Ride Like a Girl Movie, a project started for fun by Davide Renier film maker, but evolving in something more than a simple video.

The Ride Like a Girl Movie will be the begining of a new italian movient which wants to give voice to those girls (like me) who love cycling, sports in general and making this activities part of their normal life.

Nine girls will tell their stories, how they started cycling, what they love of it and how it changed their life. But also they will show how they love to mix passions together as baking cakes or crocheting some beanies, or creating incredible photos.

Ride Like a Girl Movie will be shown for the very first time the 29th September in Teolo (Padova). The area of Colli Euganei which delimits the south part of the city has be an amazing scenary for the film and will be also the place to creat women's specific events.

Hope you can enjoy the Ride Like a Girl Movie with as and suport it!

Have a great riding!