The camel safari

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We did went in camel safari just outside Jaisalmer. A full day riding the camel and a nice overnight sleeping on the dunes. The crew was nice, a girl and a guy from Poland, two Canadian guys and an English. A lot of fun with them, sharing stories. We had three camels drivers, one was just ten years old and has been doing that job already for six years!!! They cooked for us on the fireplace soma good pakora, some chapati and vegetables. Nice meal. I really enjoyed the sleeping on the sand... The full moon and the fresh breez of the night. Very nice! We did a little more camel ride in the morning just to go to the jeep that was waiting for us... We didn't do al Safari until the afternoon be we gave up cause the sun was very hot and our bums were very sore!!! Short but good experience!!!
We left Jaisalmer last evening at six to reach Johdpur and from here our flight takes off at 1 pm to Goa... A bit of relax now an beach!