Waiting at New Japaguri train station

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We woke up in Darjeeling this morning at about 7and we checked out our room at the Tranquility hotel. Another cup of tea... Actually... I had a cup of caffè made with an Italian Style machine (moca!) and milk. Was nice to walk thru the city in early morning... Not many people around, only some market ladies and the men working to fix some streets. We left Darjeeling at about 10.30 on a sharing taxi! It's always nice to travel with local people, the always want to talk with us in a not very understandable english... But sometimes they speak better than me! :)With 408 Rupees it's possible to book all seats to be more confy, otherwise you have to squeeze with other 3 or maybe more people. In about 3 hours we where at the train station... Some funny situations always happen like the rickshaw driver that we had to get from the Siliguri taxi stop to the station. He was a bit crazy and grumpy put at the end he took us to the right spot! At 5.45 pm our train leaves to go to Varanisi. We have 15 hours trip... I hope the train is alright!!!